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Hello, welcome to Swamp Yankee Style!

You are probably asking yourself, what the heck is a swamp Yankee and what’s it’s style? Well, let me tell you…down south they would be called hillbilly or redneck. But swamp Yankees are the original American country folk. In early colonial times Swamp Yankee was a term used to refer to settlers of Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut who lived outside of town in rural areas of woods and swamps. Swamp Yankees were known for being stubborn, old fashioned and frugal.

Well now here I am,a modern Connecticut Swamp Yankee, living down a mile long dirt road along the Connecticut shore, with my husband, two kids, three cats, two horses, six chickens and a dog. There is nothing I love more than a simple rustic life.

I started this blog to share my Swamp Yankee lifestyle with you. I have a passion for simplifying life, using all natural chemical free home and health remedies, and some tasty home cooked meals.

I hope you enjoy reading and spending some time with me in the Gungywamp Swamp!




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